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About Relevate | Contata

Relevate is a product of Contata Solutions. Contata Solutions, founded in 2000, is a software services company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with two offshore offices in India – a Software Engineering Group based in the Noida/New Delhi NCR region and a back-office support group based in Nagpur, India. Visit the to learn more.

Why Relevate


At Contata, we've worked with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and there is one commonality: all companies need to target the right prospects, with the right message, that is personalized and customized to what THEY care about.


Powered by expert humans and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Contata CEO, Pradeep Sinha, working with the Contata team and consulting with Hall of Fame sales expert Sam Richter,  developed Relevate to make it easy to implement a key sales component: finding the right decision makers.


It's now easy and affordable to find the prospects YOU care about.

Our Value Proposition

Our promise and value proposition to our customers is simple: we leverage our deep technical expertise and our global presence to bring software products to life efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. We are not a vendor rather, we are your partner.

Since 2000, through maintaining a legacy of continuous growth and expansion, Contata has a loyal client base distributed across the United States in multiple industries and a track record of delivering hundreds of successful projects. 

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