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Custom Direct + Digital

The Relevate System comes complete with tested and proven direct mail and digital campaigns ready to launch out of the box, or working with your Relevate Marketing Manager, can be completely customized based on your brand, goals, and best-client profile.


Proven Advisor Templates that Perform


Relevate features a library of compliance-approved direct mail and digital ad templates that have been tested, and that are continually tested and modified, to optimize performance.

Take the guesswork out of your creative by starting with a proven template. Your Marketing Manger will then work with you to modify and customize your template to ensure it matches your brand-image, colors, photography, and messaging. 

Ensure Your Prospects See Your Message


Marketing rule-of-thumb states that your prospect needs to see your message seven times before they act.


With Relevate, your prospect will see your message with a powerful direct mail piece combined with 10 to 20 corresponding digital ads. 

Your direct mail creative will spur interest and promote your brand. The digital ads will remind prospects to immediately click and register for your call to action. 


Get Your Target Prospects to Attend Your Next Event

Seminar Campaign

Promote your in-person or virtual event to the prospects most likely to be interested in the program’s specific content. 
For example, plan a program related to 529 plans and only those in your target with younger children will receive your direct mail and see your digital ads. 
Or... offer a program for soon-to-be retirees and only those who fit your demographic profile will receive your message.
Or... for something different, try our Client Events in a Box program and bring a world-class professional speaker to your next virtual event.

Encourage Prospects to Opt-In to Your Email List

Testimonial Campaign

Imagine capturing a testimonial from one of your clients, and with permission, all prospects who share a commonality or a geography with that specific client receive that individual’s promotion of your practice. The possibilities are endless.
YES... as a financial advisor, you can finally feature client testimonials in your marketing, so long as you follow specific guidelines. The great news... we know the rules and will keep you in compliance. 
Need help gathering testimonials? No problem! Your marketing manager will reach out to clients who you select and gather amazing reviews.

Encourage Prospects to Opt-In to Your Email List

Opt-In Gift Campaign

Use direct and digital ads to encourage your target prospects to opt-in to your email lists. 
Offer a book that you've authored, or one that you find valuable, that is relevant to your target prospect. Send it at no charge to a prospect who opts-in.
Send a relevant gift to a prospect who opts-in. For example, a food basket during the fall, a restaurant gift certificate during the summer, and/or a flower basket in the spring. Get creative!

Keep Your Name in Front of Key Prospects

Branding Campaign

Send your key messages on a consistent basis each month. Build your brand with creative direct mail and corresponding digital ads targeted to your key prospects and their profile. 
Encourage prospects to schedule a meeting with you to discuss a relevant topic. For example, in the spring you might offer a "tax tips" campaign, and in the fall a "planning for retirement program. 
Your Marketing Manager stays on top of the ads that perform, and will share branding ad best practices and ideas with you, and create your ads for you. 

Relevate for Financial Services. Find the Right Prospects. Right Now.

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