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Relevate for Financial Services Pricing

It's easy, and affordable, to start your Relevate target marketing program. 


Here's What You Get:

  1. Your personal Marketing Manager assigned to you 

  2. 1,000 targeted names per month based on your best-client profile (you also keep the list)

  3. Customized financial advisor best-practice direct mail and digital ad templates

  4. Personalized direct mail campaign sent to your target 1,000 leads (includes printing and postage*)

  5. 10,000 - 20,000 targeted digital ads served only to your target leads

  6. Custom landing page supporting your campaign with opt-ins sent directly to you   

  7. Tracking and reporting dashboard with AI and machine learning to optimize future campaigns

Program Investment:  $1,995 per month


Additional Campaigns:  $750 for each additional 500 target prospects

Client Events in a Box:  $500 - $2,500 additional per event depending on bonus items (learn more)

*Select direct mail templates may have an additional postage cost

Ready to Get Started? Contact Relevate Today!

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