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Prospect LeadFinder

With pre-build segments, it’s easy to create a list by wealth score, age, geography, or dozens of other criteria. Instead of you having to guess what is the proper criteria to choose, you or your Marketing Manager just enters a geography and Relevate LeadFinder creates the best possible list for you.


Laser-Target Your Exact Prospect

Create Your List with Ease

Relevates proprietary list-building tool, LeadFinder, makes it easy to find the right prospects who fit your best-client profile. 

It's as easy as entering a geography and then choosing one of the pre-defined advisor prospect list profiles. Instantly you'll have a list of prospects that you can target both with your direct mail and digital ad messages. 


Relevate has powerful advanced search capabilities if you want to search for prospects beyond the traditional demographic criteria of age, location, income, and geography.

Relevate uses your list to laser-target personalized and customized marketing messages, via direct mail and IP-targeting online technology. Only the people on your list will receive your marketing messages in the mail and on the popular websites that they visit.

Optimize Your List Creation to Ensure Results

Eliminate the Guesswork 

Relevate LeadFinder allows you to only target the prospects most likely to be interested in hearing your unique value-add message.
Your Marketing Manager will work with you to determine your best prospect profile, and then create a focused list based on your criteria. 
You or Marketing Manager can send you a consistent flow of new leads on the schedule that you determine. Plus, your Manager will help you refine your list over time based on how prospects respond to your marketing messages. 

Relevate for Financial Services. Find the Right Prospects. Right Now.

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