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Marketing LeadTracker

You've probably heard the old adage, "I know half of my marketing works, I just don't know which half." Well those days are over with the Relevate LeadTracker. You'll know exactly how your direct mail and digital ads perform, and using a proprietary machine-learning AI-based system, your marketing gets smarter and more effective over time. 

Smart Marketing Redefined

Get the Most for Your Money

LeadTrackers uses a proprietary system combining machine-learning with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you real-time results on the performance of your ad messages. 

The more marketing you do, the smarter LeadTracker becomes. The system automatically optimizes which message to send, to whom, and at what time


Access your Relevate Performance Dashboard to see which ad messages receive the best response, who is acting on your message, and more. You're always in control and have complete performance insight. 

You've never had this much control over your marketing. If a digital ad is not performing as anticipated, you can pause, stop, or switch a campaign on the fly. Track campaigns real time and combined with other marketing methods, nurture the best prospects towards a client relationship. 

The Relevate Team is With You Every Step of the Way

AI Powered, Human Refined

As artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the real-time performance data, your Marketing Manger interprets the information and shares it with you to ensure each campaign is more effective than the next. 
Too often, software programs produce beautiful charts and graphs yet no one really knows what it means. Your Marketing Manager is an expert at making sense of the data and what it means to you. 
Test, refine, test again, optimize, and serve. LeadTracker allows you and your Marketing Manager to try new creative ideas, tweak existing messaging, and continually refine your direct mail and digital ads so you can maximize prospect response rates. 

Relevate for Financial Services. Find the Right Prospects. Right Now.

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