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Easy Sales Leads.
Direct Email Lists.

Imagine... an always available, easy-to-use system for finding key decision makers.



Choose your subscription level. You can change your level or cancel anytime.

YES... it really is that easy!


Machine Learning Automation

The Relevate artificial intelligence system uses machine learning to get "smarter" over time to determine the right decision makers and contact information.

Communication Made Easy

Knowing who to reach is often the hardest part of an email campaign. With Relevate, it's easy to add and remove various criteria so you can laser-focus your targeting.

Designed for Sales and Marketing

The Relevate email list building system was designed by and for sales and marketers. It's intuitive, fast, and easy. We use it in our own businesses every day.

Dedicated Client Support

If you have questions on building a list, need to modify your subscription, or have general system questions, we are here to help you and ensure your list-creation success.

Search, Find, and Get in Touch with The Right Prospects.

Relevate in Action. Yes... It Really is This Easy.

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Fair Pricing. Full Transparency. Easy to Work With. 

What Makes Us Different?

When it comes to email list companies, there are many options. Some claim to by 100% verified - with a large percentage of people moving jobs, we're not sure how that is possible. Some systems are difficult to use and only allow a certain number of downloads at a time.  Some are very expensive. And some use aggressive sales tactics, lock you into difficult-to-break contracts, and are rude to their customers. We're none of that.
  • Our system is easy to use.
  • We are transparent about our bounce rate.
  • Our pricing is industry best.
  • You only pay for verified emails
  • You can cancel a subscription and any time.
  • We're nice people committed to your satisfaction.
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Find the Right Leads Based on Your Ideal Profile

Target Your Emails

You can easily build as many lists as you would like, targeted towards specific profile demographics (e.g., industry, company size, job title and seniority, etc.). You can then easily test different campaigns with different messages relevant to each specific list.

Current Information on Business Executives

Hundreds of Millions of Leads

While no list-building system will have 100% current information, because Relevate scours the Internet for updated executive information, it features the most up-to-date data. In addition, we sent each email you order through our verification system to ensure a high likelihood of delivery success. And it doesn't matter how many emails you order, because you only pay for the ones that pass our verification tests!
Build Your List
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"We Do it For You" List Building

Your List and Email Partner

Want someone else to do the work for you? Would you like a verified list minimizing bounce backs? How about an expert team that will build lists and send emails on your behalf? At Relevate, we can be an extension of your sales and marketing team, getting all of the benefits of targeted email marketing and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Find the Right Prospects. Right Now.

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