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Amplifying Direct Mail Marketing Sales

Using Relevate AI-Driven Targeting+ Customization


A leading hearing aid brand with an extensive network of over 1,500 franchised and corporately owned retail locations needed a partner for their direct mail marketing campaign to boost their appointments and sales.

The Challenge

Direct mail is expensive and maintaining a high ROI requires constant innovation to both stand out from other direct mail marketing efforts and to avoid wasteful spending on prospects who are unlikely to need or purchase a hearing aid. As such, we needed to go beyond standard, out-of-the-box approaches to prospect + mail piece optimization and got to work with the platform approach.

Results Driven


Increase in appointments from prospect
targeting models


Increase in appointments from piece
targeting models


In new sales

The Solution

Implementation provided a cutting-edge, multi-cloud implementation, seamlessly integrating Azure and GCP to prevent unnecessary mailings.

Down Selection

Leveraging AI models developed utilizing historical data and US population data, we ensured that only the most promising prospects received the targeted materials.


The comprehensive reporting capabilities integrated into empowered data-driven decision-making at the click of a button, allowing our client to continuously optimize their marketing strategies, track conversion rates, and measure ROI.